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Holly Molly!
I called Marcelo with my damaged 2012 Mercedes SL and he gave me $1850 MORE than I was quoted from 3 different companies. He was so nice. And they picked it up SAME DAY! G-d bless!

Gaby Shilian Avatar
Gaby Shilian

Wow !!!! Thank you “BEST PRICE” for the great customer service and more importantly the “best price” for my damaged 2009 Toyota 4 runner. Great company I was compelled to write this review.

Chris Williams Avatar
Chris Williams

I was highly satisfied with the service I received here. Mikey was very polite and professional. I would highly recommend this company. Not only do you get a reasonable price for your car, but you also get the best customer service.

R Edelmann Avatar
R Edelmann

just got the highest offer for my vehicle from mikey. very professional service and delivered on everything he promised. Glad to have that clunker off my property. cash just in time for the holidays!

Jacquie Mehani Avatar
Jacquie Mehani

Extremely sweet and very good customer service. They definitely got me as much as possible with the car my fiance and I had. Very quick service, we are extremely satisfied and we appreciate everything they had done.

Nicole Hurley Avatar
Nicole Hurley

Even with the market down for metal, they gave me the best price compared to everyone else. The process was super easy and same day with cash! Thanks Mikey!

Amber Barrios Avatar
Amber Barrios

Absolute best place! Mikey and Jon are top notch, professional and knowledgeable! They will get you the BEST price every time. Searched around and there is nothing better!!! I am so happy with what I got for my car!!

Marcy Jacobowitz Avatar
Marcy Jacobowitz

By far the best transaction experienced in getting rid or selling a car. The whole experience from the online, to phone and meeting in person for final payoff was exceptional. The team at “Best Price Cash for Cars” are totally professionals and symbolizes what car transactions, should feel, smooth and no haggling.

Thanks for the hospitality and look forward to refer anyone to your business.

Gabriel Bencosme Avatar
Gabriel Bencosme

Service was great. The office was professional and very clean. The whole transaction was smooth. Negotiated the price over the phone, which was fair given the condition of the car and same day payment. I have no complaints so far, and would likely refer others who are looking to sell quickly. I didn't have any problems with communication. Mikey's communication skills is what made me decide to take it to him over other bidders. Some transactions you just want it to be smooth and no headaches, that's what I received.

Johnny He Avatar
Johnny He

Jon was tremendous. Very easy very knowledgeable. Pick up was smooth and quick. Excellent price. Very fair.

Peter LaMarca Avatar
Peter LaMarca